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Arizona DUI Attorneys

In the United States some attorneys defend individuals charged with drunk driving or “Driving Under Influence.” These attorneys are known as DUI lawyers. A majority of them are solo practitioners or affiliated with private firms. Some are appointed by the government, and they work at county, federal, or state level.
Apart from rash driving-associated injuries to the victims, the physical evidence of drunk driving includes slurred speech; inability to perform normal activities like standing, walking, or turning; red, glassy, bloodshot eyes; dilated pupils; and odor of alcohol on the breath.
The DUI lawyers represent both the accused and convicted individuals and parties required to pay the penalty for drunk driving. In times of need, it is important to choose a firm and a lawyer highly trained in the DUI law and willing to work in the best interest of the client or defendant. In some cases, if the right to a jury trial is waived by the client, the attorneys can directly approach a judge or a jury of six. Apart from being actively involved in the court proceedings, qualified DUI lawyers also determine and improve the client’s legal standing by examining the discrepancies in the evidence. They further negotiate for a reduced charge or lesser sentence after a thorough understanding of the client and all the incidences related to the offense.
An annual study in the United States estimated that about half a million people are injured because of DUI-related highway crashes. This results in an expenditure of over 114 billion dollars of the taxpayers’ money. Since the introduction of the new laws at the beginning of 1970, court proceedings associated with drunken driving have progressively increased.
Considering the fact that the DUI lawyers have the enormous task of arguing on the client’s behalf, they are expected to be highly skilled with intricate knowledge about the client that serves as the best defense. In this respect, Arizona DUI lawyers serve fifty-six counties to enforce law and justice.internet

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